Frequently asked questions


I know Health Safety legistlation changed in 2016 with the introduction of the Safety at Work Act 2015,- But does this mean the program I already have is no longer compliant?

No, not at all. The program you have may need tweaking a little bit, and Safety Smart can certainly do this for you. As an ongoing service to clients Safety Smart can offer support for safety program changes as a result of legislation changes and best practice guidelines and updates.


Is it true my business can get discounts on ACC levy payments?

Yes, this is correct. You have to engage certain safety practices within your business to be eligible, and Safety Smart is an expert at this level of engagement and can easily navigate your business towards these considerable cost savings, which can be up to 20% of your ACC levy payments.


What if one of my employee’s has an accident?

Safety Smart can offer assistance for any level of accident and most certainly for notifiable accidents where Work Safe NZ inspectors are involved we would recommend our involvement at the earliest inception.


What if I haven’t got the time because of the demands necessary with regards to safety program compliance?

That’s where Safety Smart can most certainly help you. We specialize in this area for our clients and take the hassle away from running a safety program for your business.


What’s this all going to cost my business?

This will depend on your level of program development and your desire to reduce costs of injury through ACC levy reducing programs. Safety Smarts costs to clients are very competitive and we can deliver considerable cost advantage for your business through various levels of safe operating engagements.